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Spectacle Kit SR341

Wide, Unobstructed Field Of View
Custom engineered; sized, shaped and angled for each facepiece to enhance your confidence, safety and task performance.

Vertical and horizontal linear adjustments for a precise and comfortable fit, perfect for strong prescriptions and bifocals.

Prescription Ready
Stainless steel screws standard or patented compression lock screws for a secure lens fit.

Quick And Easy Mounting
User friendly- installs in seconds.

Rugged And Reliable
Secure mounting platforms and high-performance eyewires enable strong prescriptions and multifocals that are well supported.

Sleek, Low Profile Styling With A Premium Finish
Optician assisted design coupled with front-line feedback assures you a comfortable, secure and visually optimized eyewear system.

User Satisfaction
Eye Gear that is as comfortable as a standard pair of eyeglasses.

Industry Compliant/Certified
OSHA compliant, NIOSH, NFPA and/or CBRN certified were applicable.

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Let our professional ABO certified opticians help you find the right insert for your SCBA respirator mask. Contact SafeVision online or call our helpful staff at 314-961-7406 or toll free at 1-888-254-7406.

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  • Fits: Sundström SR 200, SR 341