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Official Spectacle Kits for Survivair SCBA Respiratory Masks

Used in industry, fire fighting, confined space, painting, welding, pest control, agricultural workers, fumigation, etc. SafeVision is the Authorized Prescription Spectacle Kit Manufacturer for all Survivair Full Face Respirator Masks.

Additional Info

  • Fits Survivair’s Optifit, 20/20, Panther, and M15 Masks

Additional Info

  • Fits Survivair 20/20, 20/20 Plus, Opti-Fit, MSA Ultra Elite, Firehawk, Advantage 4000, 3200, 3000 Full Facemasks

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  • Fits Classic Series, 4000 Series, Classic 4000 Series Full Facemasks

Additional Info

  • Fits Survivair Max 14901010 Full Facemasks

Additional Info

  • Fits Classic Nexspex